Interior Design is a compelling subject and a daunting undertaking for many of you. There are so many details to consider and a lot of places you can get lost during the process.

catalogs-for-home-decor-41[1]There is also a lot of misinformation being put forth to the public about the subject. This is true in books, on television and all over the internet. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

The purpose of this website, Do It Yourself Decorator, is to gently educate those interested in doing their own design projects. Included is information to help keep you organized and keep you from wasting time and money or becoming overwhelmed.

I created two complete decorating /design courses especially for the beginner. The first, the Do It Yourself Decorator, is a 2 DVD set with a guidebook. The program focus is to simplify the complex evolution of an interior design and get you up to speed quickly so you can tackle those projects you’ve been wanting to get to. Learn more …

The second is called the San Diego Home Design course. This program is more comprehensive and designed for those that may want to decorate professionally. It comes in a 2 CD set with a guidebook, compatible on PC or Mac. Learn more …

Both programs take you from concept to completion, step by step and teach you just what you need to know to feel confident to do your own designing!

Is Interior Design and Decoration for you?

If you are someone that has the “gift” but no formal education, it is likely with just a bit of study that you can create really wonderful interior designs for yourself. You are someone that can already create a design, mostly by trial and error. You know when it’s right. You feel it. Afterwards, though, you can’t really explain to anyone exactly what you did and why. It’s just instinctual for you.

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What is the difference between a Decorator and a Designer?

In a nutshell, training and experience. Decorators are individuals without much formal training or education and are just good at putting colors and styles together to create “a look”. Decorators are almost never concerned with public safety, don’t often work with contractors that are building a space and don’t have any formal certifications or professional affiliations. Depending on where you are in the country, decorators charge between $25 and $50 per hour.

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What's it like taking an Interior Design class?

Before I started teaching interior design to beginners ten years ago, I did a lot of research looking for some course model to pattern my curriculum and lesson plans after. There was precious little out there and what was there wasn’t very good.

So, I had to create all three of the interior design class levels I taught, from scratch. I started with the basics. Color, light and furniture placement. I assumed that the students knew nothing and always started my classes at the very beginning.

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